FOR MARCH 23, 2016


A meeting with the Board of Public Works was held on March 23, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers of the Brazil City Hall.  The meeting was called to order by Mayor Wyndham.

ROLL CALL: Mayor Wyndham, Linda Messmer, Ruthann Jeffries, Deputy Clerk Melissa Dorsett

OTHERS PRESENT: Planning and Zoning Administrator Teresa Glenn, Wastewater Superintendent Billy Goodrich, Street Superintendent Brian Bemis, Fire Chief Jake Bennett, Grant Administrator Kristy Jerrell, Brian Bullock and Mark Sullivan of Midwestern Engineers, Daniel Rose, Brazil Times Representative Frank Phillips

PLEDGE: The pledge to the Flag was lead by Mayor Wyndham.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Linda Messmer made a motion to approve March 9, 2016 minutes; seconded by Ruthann Jeffries.  The motion passed 3-0.


            A Public Hearing was opened at 10:03 a.m. to discuss the Water Improvements Project, conducted by Kristy Jerrell, Grant Administrator.  Kristy Jerrell will provide minutes for the Public Hearing.  The Public Hearing was closed at 10:28 a.m.




OLD BUSINESS: Mayor Wyndham stated that the Financial Institution that owns the house on 726/728 N. Meridian St. has contacted the City and has asked to take bids to tear it down.  The City will give the Financial Institution the opportunity to take bids, and will see the results of those on March 25th.   Otherwise, everything is in place for the City to tear down the house at 726/728 N. Meridian St.  Both contractors have given the City a 30 day extension.



1.) Approval of Clean-Up Properties – Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve the non abated properties for clean-up on the March 23, 2016 list; seconded by Linda Messmer.  The motion passed 3-0.  Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to give power to Planning and Zoning Administrator Teresa Glenn and Code Enforcement Administrator Charity Norris, to issue citations on anything that would warrant a fine due to a violation of the Nuisance Ordinance, with the assistance of a Brazil City Police Officer.  Linda Messmer seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.


Teresa Glenn stated that she is pleased to see that several properties have been cleaned up in the City.



  • Clerk’s Office – Linda Messmer made a motion to approve claims from March 23,2016 and to include voucher #41655 and #41656 from March 9, 2016. Ruthann Jeffries   The motion passed 3-0.
  • Utilities’ Office –Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve. Linda Messmer   The motion passed 3-0.



MAYOR COMMENTS:  Linda Messmer
and Mayor Wyndham wanted to offer the family of Don Skelton their condolences.


ADJOURNMENT: A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ruthann Jeffries; seconded by Linda Messmer.  Meeting adjourned at 10:55 a.m.  The motion passed 3-0.