You can view your bill and pay for water, wastewater, and trash online at . Paper billing is still available, but through this online payment service, you can view or pay at any time and also pay multiple invoices at one time. Other features include:

  • email notifications
  • pay by phone (844-242-3835)
  • text notifications and/or pay by text
  • make a one-time payment or register to gain full access to all features
  • schedule your payments for a specific date
  • enroll in autopay.

The Utilities Office is responsible for the billing of water, wastewater, and trash monthly.  We are here Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  We strive to help our customers in any way we can, so feel free to call us with any issues. If you have an emergency regarding your service after business hours, don’t hesitate to call the police department.  We have personnel on hand who can be called out.

New Service Policy

You will need to bring:

2 forms of I.D. (One being a picture I.D.)

If renting: Lease or Rent Agreement

If buying: Proof of purchase or purchase agreement

If buying on contract: Copy of contract


New Service

$100.00 Deposit

+ $20.00 Service Fee

$120.00 Total

Had Prior Water Service

$60.00 Deposit

+ $20.00 Service Fee

$80.00 Total

Transfer of Deposit

$20.00 -Transfer Fee


  • Good credit history
  • Turn off of present address within the same week as turning on new service address.

Deposit Policy

  • Deposit will only be applied to an account after the account has been disconnected.  We will not allow use of the deposit as a payment.
  • If you are a NEW customer (meaning paid $100.00 deposit), after one year of service you may apply to receive $40.00 of your original deposit back in refund.
  • To apply for your $40.00 refund, your current bill must be kept up.