The City of Brazil owns and operates a municipal sewage works currently serving approximately 4,500 customers, which includes service from Knightsville/Harmony and various subdivisions outside the corporate limits.  The original wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) was a 1.1 MGD, 100 acre, four-cell waste stabilization lagoon treatment facility with post aeration.  The plant was upgraded in 1995 at a 2.0 MGD, earthen basin extended aeration activated sludge process (Biolac-R) WWTP with a peak hydraulic capacity of 2.5 MGD.  Also included are two clarifiers, a UV disinfection system, and flow meters.  Flows exceeding 2.5 MGD are diverted to a lagoon system for treatment.  The Collection system is comprised of 23 lift stations and includes approximately 67.5 miles of sewer lines ranging in size from 4” to 24” in diameter.