FOR MARCH 14, 2017

A meeting of the Brazil Park Board was held on March 14, 2017 at 6:01 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Brazil City Hall. The meeting was called to order by President Carrol Evans.

ROLL CALL: President Carrol Evans, Vice President Brian Bemis, Treasurer Zach Stultz and Secretary Janet McClellan

The Pledge to the Flag was led by Carrol Evans

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Janet McClellan made a motion to pass minutes from Feb. 14, 2017; seconded by Brian Bemis.  The motion passed 4-0.


As of Jan. 2017:

Ending Balance- $195,765.23

Total Expenses- $8,380.45

Remaining Non-Reverting balance-$27,333.80

PARK SUPERINTENDENT REPORT: Marv Moon presented the report.

Report as follows:

  1. Windows have started to be installed at the concession stand at Forest Park
  2. Fire Rings will be purchased in the next few days to install at Craig Park campsites
  3. A photo cell light was installed on the service road in Forest Park
  4. New drainage vault has been installed in center of Forest Park for Storm Sewer Project.

See Attached for the remaindered of items.

Marv’s comments: The Parks Dept needs to purchase a Fire Diamond to post at the pool. This is required by law and need to be posted at the pool. Two signs need to be purchased at $27.00 each. The board agreed to purchase the signs. Also if you see a lot of kids at the park it will be the YMCA Run for God group. It is around 30 kids that run and have devotionals.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS:  Cindi Monds is speaking for the Rotary Club. They are having a Kids Healthy Fun Run. They practice 2 times a week and then the Fun Run is May 20 at 10am at the walking track. She wanted to see if they could use the Pavilion for an hour each night and during the Fun Run. The board said that would be ok.  However on May 20 if someone rents the pavilion she could not use the pavilion. The other option, the Rotary could use the band shell area on the Fun Run Day if pavilion is booked. Cindi said that would work.


  • Coke Contract- Contract is due up Apr. 30, 2017. Bill Osburn and Darrin Buck from Coke said there is a volume clause in the contract. They didn’t have any other details at this time. Bill is checking to see the amount to pay back to get out of this contract and he will see about extending this one. Bill will get back to Carrol on Fri. with 2 options. Zach made a motion to have a special meeting on Tues March 28 at 6pm. Janet second. Motion passed 4-0.
  • After Hour Campground Payments- Marv keeps tags and receipt book in his truck. He checks campground in the evenings. Marv takes payment, gives the camper their tag and receipt. The next day Marv brings the money to the clerk’s office to post. If Marv is gone, a police officer will check the campground and issue the tag and receipt.
  • Cornhole Tournament- Janet would like to host a cornhole tournament during the Fourth of July. Zach said we need to get a volunteer to do the recreational sports. Zach suggests John Day. Marv also knows someone as well. We will get in touch with people to see if they are interested. More to come at next meeting.


  • Addendum to CYL and Rotary Contract- Carrol said that the CYL and the Rotary have been around for a very long time and not going anywhere. The Park Board would like to extend their contracts to 3 years. CYL contract was signed for 3 years. The Park Board will do an addendum to the Rotary contract to extend to 3 years.
  • Pool- Traci Orman the City Attorney sent the revised contract to Janet. Janet forward to Tyler Fischer the YMCA board President. He signed and emailed the copy to Janet. He also sent out the original copy in the mall to keep on file. The YMCA is not interested in the concession stand. They are good with the Christmas in the Park providing concessions. The only thing that the YMCA asked that they have some healthy options on the menu.
  • 5 Year Plan- Carrol and Zach are working on the 5 year plan. They are expanding details and finishing up on the other details. They are meeting on Thurs. March 16 to finish up. Carrol said we are hoping to have it completed to present to the board at the special meeting.


Janet asked when the ADA Swing will be installed. Marv said the swing will be installed when the weather gets better. Carrol would like to see more pickle ball courts. Marv will call the Lesley Corp to get pricing on the courts.

Special Meeting on March 29, 2017:

ADJOURNMENT: Zach made a motion to adjourn meeting, seconded by Janet. Motion passed 4-0.  Meeting adjourned at 7:29 p.m.


Janet McClellan                                                                                   Date

Park Board Secretary