FOR AUGUST 12, 2015


A meeting with the Board of Public Works was held on August 12, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers of the Brazil City Hall.  The meeting was called to order by Brian Wyndham.

ROLL CALL: Brian Wyndham, Ruthann Jeffries, Linda Messmer, City Attorney Traci Orman, Deputy Clerk Charity Norris and Deputy Clerk Melissa Dorsett

OTHERS PRESENT: Police Chief Clint McQueen, Fire Chief Jake Bennett, P&Z Administrator Teresa Glenn, Wastewater Superintendent Billy Goodrich,  Brazil Times Representative Ivy Jacobs, City Council Member Carrol Evans, City Council Member Tyler Hutcheson, Carol Hansen, Jerry Lancaster, Jared Grable

PLEDGE: The pledge to the Flag was led by Brian Wyndham

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: July 22, 2015, Linda Messmer made a motion to approve.  Ruthann Jeffries seconded.  The motion passed 3-0.



  • Jared Grable – Request change in procedures-Requesting that when having water service turned on for construction and remodeling of homes that either a blanket deposit or no deposit be required. Traci Orman advised the policy doesn’t address special exceptions where deposits are concerned. Brian Wyndham advised that he would meet with Dee Elder to discuss because such an exception would require an ordinance change.
  • Request removal of charges- Requesting removal of trash charges connected to bill when working on houses. Jared states that when working on single family dwellings his company doesn’t use the city’s trash service but is still billed for it.  Brian Wyndham advised that this has possibly been done before, but will need to be closely tracked.
  • Request policy change-Requesting a change on the policy of landlords being stuck with an old tenant’s water bill before a new tenant can turn on service. Brian Wyndham advised that it is the responsibility of the owner to screen their leasers and ensure they are keeping the water bill paid, however the city will work with Jared on the water bills.
  • Request for adjustment- Requesting an adjustment on the sewer bill for the Blaine street apartments where the service has only been used for watering new landscaping. Brian Wyndham advised Jared to fill out an adjustment form, no need to pay for service you aren’t using.



  • Approval for Clean-Ups and Mowing – Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve Clean-Up and Mowing Lists for 08/12/15. Linda Messmer The motion passed 3-0.

Linda Messmer requested information on the rock quarry located at Central/Depot. Teresa Glenn advised that she and Brian Bemis had tried several times to make contact with owner and have been unsuccessful. An email was sent to owner advising that the property would be cleaned up on Friday by a city crew if the matter was not addressed.

Teresa Glenn will be presenting a draft of an ordinance to Council about changes with mowing and cleanups for next season.

  • Morris Manufacturing-Abatement Calculation Agreement-Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve the Abatement for Morris Manufacturing, Linda Messmer The motion passed 3-0. Per terms of the agreement Morris Manufacturing will employ 6 more full time employees by December 31, 2016.
  • Easement- WWTP with William and Pamela Lage. (Formerly known as Judd)

Traci Orman advised that the original easement was written in 2007. It is being re-written to clarify the scope of the easement and limit it to what it was intended for-the access road. Linda Messmer made a motion to approve granting the easement to the Lage’s.  Ruthann Jeffries seconded. Then motion passed 3-0.

  • Approval of Invoice-Hendrich last invoice for flood buyout. Invoice is for Mckinney property at 509 S Depot. Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve. Linda Messmer The motion passed 3-0.
  • Dispatch Interlocal Agreement- Clint McQueen advised that he and Dennis Archer have had several meetings with Sheriff Harden and Chief Deputy Josh Clarke to work out details for a smooth transition. The contract establishes one central dispatch location for county and city. The city will provide $110,000 (to be paid in 2 installments of $55,000 each) for the Sheriff’s Dept. to provide dispatch. Chief McQueen advised this is on target with what they are currently spending to provide dispatch service. Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve BOW resolution 2015-4, Linda Messmer  The motion passed 3-0.


National Night out was a huge success. There were 500+ people that attended and officers cooked over 800 hot dogs. Chief McQueen gave a huge thank you to the Fire Department for all their assistance in setting up and running National Night out.


FIRE CHIEF REPORT: Chief Jake Bennett

Chief Bennett is requesting the Board of Works to approve a Lieutenant on both shifts.  He stated that he already staffs an Assistant Chief and a Captain on both shifts.  He has budgeted for a Lt. on both shifts.

-Chief Bennett advised that firefighter Shane Zurcher has taken several officer level classes and completed several hours of training. Chief Bennett requested that the Board approve a promotion for Shane Zurcher to Lieutenant. Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve the recommendation of promotion for Shane Zurcher to Lieutenant. Linda Messmer seconded. The motion passed 3-0.





  • Update on Meridian Home- Teresa Glenn, Planning and Zoning Administrator, spoke with owner Ralph Kohr and he advised that he was unaware of any unsafe issue. He received a bank notice and wants to come see what needs to be done. Teresa Glenn gave Mr. Kohr until August 10, 2015 to come up with a plan. As of August 12, 2015 she hasn’t heard from Mr. Kohr.
  • Trash Ordinance Notice- Teresa Glenn stated that she will be sending out notices regarding trash ordinance 90.22 and the penalties associated with violations.



AUDIENCE COMMENTS:  Carol Hansen had several complaints regarding a trailer placed at 812 E Hendrix. She stated that the tenants have made threats regarding her dog, and they have thrown trash in surrounding yards several times. Mayor Wyndham stated that the trailer was approved with certain conditions to be met. He advised that since the conditions were not being met and that he was aware there was a problem, he could start taking steps to address the issue.


  • Clerk’s Office – Linda Messmer made a motion to approve. Ruthann Jeffries The motion passed 3-0.
  • Utilities’ Office – Ruthann Jeffries made a motion to approve.  Linda Messmer   The motion passed 3-0.



ADJOURNMENT: A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ruthann Jeffries; seconded by Linda Messmer.  Meeting adjourned at11:07a.m.  The motion passed 3-0.






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